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Awards & Publications

We proudly announce that EIGHT POSTERS will be selected for the Biomacromolecules Poster Awards, each with an official certificate and 300US$ from Biomacromolecules (ACS, Impact Factor 5.75). The Best Poster Awards will be presented by Prof. Harm-Anton Klok, Chairman of The Poster Awards Committee and Associate Editor of Biomacromolecules, during the Banquet in the evening of September 25, 2016. The winners of the Best Poster Awards will be announced by Biomacromolecules and also be invited to submit a paper to Biomacromolecules.    

As for our previous three symposia (SIPCD 2010, 2012, and 2014), we will publish a Special Issue in the Journal of Controlled Release (Impact Factor 7.705). All Invited Speakers are warmly invited to submit a research paper or mini-review article to be published in the SIPCD 2016 Special Issue. The SIPCD special issues have received particular attention from the readers due to its exclusive collection of high quality contributions from top research groups. The statistics show that SIPCD special issues are the most cited issues for the Journal of Controlled Release. The manuscript should be prepared according to the journal guide Manuscripts should be submitted prior to October 1, 2016 via the Elsevier Editorial System:, and choose Article Type: SI: SIPCD 2016. Please limit the length of your manuscript to 20 double spaced pages, excluding references. The total number of figures and tables combined should not exceed 8 (The published journal pages should not exceed 10) .

Moreover, all accepted poster abstracts will be published online in the Journal of Controlled Release. The committee will accept only high quality abstracts. All poster abstracts will be peer reviewed as well as strictly edited by the symposium organizing committee. The symposium organization will take care of the publication of poster abstracts. Please Note: You DO NOT need to submit your abstract(s) again. Each abstract will receive a separate DOI number and be indexed by ISI, PubMed and Science Direct.


SIPCD 2016 Special Issue Editors:

Prof. Dr. Wim E. Hennink (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Prof. Dr. Jan Feijen (Soochow University, China)

Prof. Dr. Zhiyuan Zhong (Soochow University, China

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